Termite Nests
Termites in Trees or Sleeper Retaining Walls

A termite nest contains a colony of termites which includes a king and queen termite, soldiers, workers and alates (flying termites).

Although trees and stumps are common sites of termite nests, termites will nest any where they can find timber, soil and moisture, including areas such as sleeper retaining walls. Our detailed knowledge of termite behaviour is a key factor when we conduct nest searches.

Signs of a termite nest in a tree

Signs of a termite nest in a tree or stump include termite mud on the trunk and swarms of termites that fly out of the tree or stump in warmer weather. A nest will also have a hollow void within the tree that often resembles honeycomb and a high temperature reading when tested with a temperature probe.

Another sign that a termite nest may be nearby is when swarms of flying termites are seen, often through the summer months. Flying termites are sometimes mistakenly thought to be flying ants or moths.

You can see a video of termites swarming out of a tree stump on our You Tube channel.
Termite nest in a tree stump

Termite nest search

A termite nest search should be undertaken as part of good termite management, as the nest contains the colony of termites. If a nest is found, the colony can then be treated directly.

A nest search is conducted by undertaking a review of the property to identify any possible termite nest sites. Any suspect trees or stumps will be drilled.

If a hollow void is found within the trunk, a temperature reading will be taken of the void. Where a nest is present, the temperature within the tree is usually high due to the heat produced by the volume of termites.
Termites in a tree stump

Termite nest treatment

If a termite nest is found, it can be treated easily and quickly by Termite Tactics. The nest will be checked after a period of time to ensure that the treatment has been effective and that the nest is dead.

It is important to note that treating a termite nest should not be the only measure taken to control a termite infestation in your home. Another nest may be present on your property, or located within striking distance as termites can travel up to 50 meters.

Nest treatments do not provide any on-going protection to your house, so treatment of the house and inspections are vital aspects of termite management.
Termites in sleeper retaining wall