Flying termites signal the start of termite season - 24 October 2022

Flying termites are being observed in Melbourne's eastern suburbs today. We are receiving reports of flying termites from Lilydale, Croydon, Ringwood, Warrandyte, Healesville, Eltham and surrounding suburbs. Flying termites are a sign of a termite infestation or that a termite nest is nearby. Keep a look out for flying termites and if you see them, arrange an inspection of your property.

Termites and excessive moisture

Excessive moisture is a common cause of termite infestations, so repair any overflowing, leaking or blocked gutters and down pipes to keep moisture around your house to a minimum

How termites have inspired a building that can cool itself

Termites build their mounds in a way that makes them naturally ventilated in order to control their temperature. The May 2018 issue of National Geographic magazine contains an article on how termites have inspired the design of a building that can cool itself.

Termite inspection in Warrandyte finds a large termite tunnel on a stump

During a termite inspection in Warrandyte, a large termite tunnel was found under the house. Termites have created a mud tunnel or access tube from the ground, up the stump and over the floor bearer to gain access to the rest of the building timbers, causing extensive structural damage.

Many people think that concrete stumps will stop termites getting into their homes, however this is not the case. Termites just have to work harder as they are forced to make a mud tunnel up the side of the stump. With timber stumps, termites can have concealed access through the centre of timber stumps, which will not be seen.
Termite tunnel on a stump in Warrandyte

Have you seen flying termites in your area?

The termite season has commenced, with termite flights recorded in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. If you see flying termites around your home, we would recommend that you arrange a termite inspection. A professional and thorough inspection will give you peace of mind that you don't have a termite problem.

Elderly woman escapes injury when bedroom ceiling collapses

An 84 year old woman was lucky to escape with minor leg injuries after her bedroom ceiling, reported due to a termite infestation, accordingly to the the South Australian Advertiser newspaper. Have you organised your routine termite inspection? Regular inspections will assist in the early detection of any termite activity or infestation that has occurred since your last inspection. Call now to arrange your termite inspection.

13 New Species of Spiders Discovered!

13 new species of spiders have been discovered on Queensland's Cape York Peninsula.

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Melbourne's European Wasp Plague

As reported in the Herald Sun, Melbourne is experiencing a European Wasp plague. All of our clients are reporting increased wasp activity, and we've been busy conducting european wasp treatments all over Melbourne, especially in Lilydale, Wandin, Emerald and Ringwood.

European wasps can be dangerous and you should never attempt to treat a wasps nest yourself. Specialised protective equipment is essential when dealing with wasps. We can treat your wasp nest quickly and easily, and guarantee to eradicate the nest. Call us now on (03) 9375 1125.

Wasp Plague Article in the Herald Sun

Had a termite inspection recently?

Termite inspections should be carried out regularly, at least annually. This is the best way to catch any new termite activity quickly and limit any termite damage. Have you had an inspection recently? Call us now on 9735 1125.

Termites and timber house stumps

A large number of houses are supported by timber stumps, rather than concrete. The biggest danger with timber stumps is that termites can use them to gain concealed access to the building.

With concrete stumps, termites are forced to make a mud tunnel up the outside of the stump, which can be seen on an inspection. However with timber stumps, termites can travel directly from the soil into the centre of the timber stump and then into the building. Termites will not be visible as they are hidden inside the stump. You can see in this photo that termites have travelled up the centre of the stump to gain concealed access to the building.

We always recommend that timber stumps be replaced with concrete stumps with ant capping.
Termites have gained access to a building through a timber stump

Melbourne's rat invasion

Newspapers are reporting on Melbourne's rat invasion, with the rodents creating problems all over Melbourne. Rats can cause damage to homes and are known to cause a number of house fires every year. They also spread diseases which can be harmful.

Termite Tactics can get rid of your rats quickly and easly with professional quality baits, keeping your family and home safe.

Further information on rats and mice

Spider Season has arrived!

Melbourne is experiencing a busy spider season this summer, with all of our clients reporting increased spider activity and webs around the house. We've been busy conducting spider treatments all over Melbourne.

If spiders are bothering you and your family, just give us a call on (03) 9735 1125 and our quick and easy spider treatment will solve that problem. No more nasty spider bites!

Further information on spiders

Get rid of termites in 2015

The Termite Tactics team is back at work for 2015 and ready to help you with any termite problems in Melbourne. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions on termite control over the coming year. Our services include termite inspections, termite treatments and termite baits. We can help keep your home termite free in 2015!

Termite Baiting in Croydon

The start of the termite season has seen us install a large number of termite baits across the suburbs of Melbourne. The termites at a recent job in Croydon are certainly enjoying the termite bait.
Termite bait eaten by termites

Termites - Natures Gold Prospectors?

CSIRO research has found that termites are bringing gold up from underground, with termite mounds found to contain the precious metal. The CSIRO and exploration companies are working together to determine if this could be a new method for finding gold deposits, rather than the traditional drilling method currently used.

Termites make a nest in a bottle

We made this unusual discovery during a termite inspection in Camberwell recently.

Termites had made a nest inside a plastic soft drink bottle. What strange termite behaviour!
termite nest in a bottle

Termite treatment in Croydon

When termite treatments are conducted, concrete or paving up against the house needs to be cut or holes drilled to gain access to the soil underneath. We are always looking for ways to make this more visually appealing for our Clients.

This termite treatment conducted in Croydon is a good example of how to have an attractive looking gap between the house and pavers/concrete.
Termite treatment with pebble border

Termite Inspection in Chirnside Park - What's wrong with this plasterboard?

We were called out to investigate an unusual looking plasterboard wall in Chirnside Park. The Client thought it might have been moisture related.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a termite nest in the wall cavity. Termites had excavated the plasterboard to establish their nest, leaving only a thin layer of paper. We treated the termite nest, as well as the building to ensure that the termites did not return.
Termite nest hidden behind a plaster wall

Bees nest removal in Ringwood

We were called out by a Client to remove a bees nest in Ringwood and were surprised to find that bees had taken up residence in the air conditioning unit. We quickly and efficiently removed the bees, leaving nothing behind but a happy client.

Beware of DIY pest control

A Sydney homeowner sustained singed hair and blurred vision after attempting their own pest control. The homeowner sprayed insecticide on her washing machine after seeing a spider, which then ran under the washing machine. More insecticide was sprayed under the machine, resulting in an explosion which destroyed the washing machine and blew out the bathroom and kitchen windows. Fire investigators believe the explosion was triggered when the washing machine engine ignited the insecticide.

Termites help plants survive the dry seasons

Australian CSIRO researchers have discovered that termites help plants in Northern Australian savannas survive the long dry season by creating macropores in the soil which allow rainwater to soak deep into the ground. Read how termites contribute to the health of the ecosystem.

Cockroach crawls into sleeping man's ear

A 2 cm cockroach crawled into a Darwin man's ear when he was asleep. The cockroach was removed by doctors at hospital, after causing severe pain to the man.

Queen Termite

A mature queen termite that Bryce found in a tree stump in Croydon this week.
Queen termite

Termites Munch Through Bank Notes 24 July 2013

Termites have managed to munch their way through £119,000 of cash. The insects were discovered by police at a bank in Barabanki, northern India. They somehow managed to get to the 10 million rupees (£119,000) despite it being kept in a steel chest.

Police officer Navneet Rana said: "It's a matter of investigation how termites attacked bundles of currency notes stacked in a steel chest."
It is not the first time that the insects have caused this kind of nuisance, having damaged equipment and documents at various banks across India. Story by Alice Stewart

Freestanding termite tunnel underneath building

View this video of a freestanding termite mud tunnel found under a building.