Flying Termites or Damaged Timbers are
Warning Signs of a Termite Problem

Warning signs of a termite problem or infestation can be obvious, or a little more discreet. A regular termite inspection will uncover any termite problems but you should also be aware of your environment and watch out for these signs.

Flying termites can indicate a termite infestation

Swarms of flying termites can be seen in the warmer weather, and are sometimes mistakenly thought to be flying ants or moths. This will occur over a brief period and is a sign that a termite nest is nearby. Termites swarm in order to mate and establish new colonies. If you see flying termites outside, we highly recommend a termite inspection of your home. Should you experience a swarm of flying termites inside your home, you should contact Termite Tactics immediately, as this can be a warning sign that you have termites in the home.

You can see a video of flying termites on our YouTube Channel.
Termite nest found in timber sleeper

Hollow and/or soft timbers often contain termites or termite damage

Timbers damaged by termites often have a rippled appearance and sound hollow when tapped. You will commonly find a thin layer of paint or varnish that looks blistered or bubbled, with little or no timber underneath.
If termite damaged timbers are opened up for investigation, the timber often appears "honeycombed" inside.
A termite inspection will determine if termites are currently in your home or if the damage is the result of a previous termite problem.

Blistered paint conceals termite damage in a door frame which was revealed when the timbers were opened

Mud tunnels on stumps and slab edges should be checked by a professional

If you find mud like tunnels on your house stumps or slab edges, this is a sign that termites may be in your home. Termites build mud tunnels to protect them from the elements and predators when passing from the ground into a building. Tunnels can range from 10 mm to 80 mm and are most commonly found in the subfloor areas of raised buildings. Mud tunnels are also found over concrete slab edges, brickwork or foundations posts.

If you find any mud tunnels, it is important to have them checked by Termite Tactics as this is a sign of termite infestation.

Termite mud tunnel on a timber stumps