Termite Traps and Termite Baits
How they work

Termite traps and termite baits are used in a system known as a termite baiting system or a termite monitoring system. Termite bait is added to termite traps or termite bait stations where termites are feeding. It relies on termites taking the bait back to the nest from which they originate, with the aim of the bait killing the termite colony. The bait works by inhibiting the natural moulting process of the termites. If the termites are unable to moult, they die.

Termite traps used as termite monitoring stations in the yard

Termite traps, also known as termite monitoring stations, are strategically placed in the ground around the building in an attempt to detect any potential termites in the garden as they travel through the soil. These monitoring stations are checked regularly to see if any termites are feeding on the timbers contained in them. If termites are found in a monitoring station, termite bait can be added with the aim of termites. taking the bait back to the nest from which they original and killing the termite colony.

This type of system is designed to be left in the ground and monitored by a technician over a period of years.
Termite traps and monitoring stations are embedded in the soil around the house

Termite Baits can be used to control termites in a house

Termite baits can be installed inside the house where termites are found.

Termites take the bait back to their nest, with the aim of killing the termite colony. Termite baits are replenished on a regular basis as termites consume the bait.
Termite bait station used for termite baiting

Termite traps should be used in conjunction with regular termite inspections

We always recommend that termite traps and monitoring systems be used in conjunction with other management options such as regular termite inspections or termite treatments (chemical soil treatments), as they cannot be relied upon to detect all termite activity or eliminate termites entirely from the area. As termite traps are placed at intervals around a building, termites may bypass the traps and access and damage the building without being detected in the stations.

They do not keep termites out of your home or provide on-going protection to your home. They are designed to monitor activity and kill the nest from which the termites feeding in the stations originate. It is a useful tool, but should not be used as a stand alone system. Regular inspections every six to twelve months should be maintained.