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Whether you need a termite treatment for termites currently in your home, or as a preventative measure, we can assist you. Termite protection can be achieved using a variety of methods. Termite Tactics is an expert in the field of termite protection in Melbourne. We will provide a considered approach that is tailored to your individual needs.

Termite protection and treatment options

The most common termite treatment options are:
  • Termite treatments or chemical soil treatments
  • Termite traps, termite baits and termite monitoring systems
  • Nest treatments for termites in trees, sleeper retaining walls or other structures

Termite Tactics has the expertise, knowledge and experience to identify how termites get into houses and how to stop them. Call Termite Tactics now for a free assessment to determine the method of termite protection and treatment that is best suited to your needs.

Termite treatments or chemical soil treatments

The aim of a termite treatment in Melbourne is to deter termites from entering your home by applying a termiticide (pesticide) to the soil in a continuous zone around the building. Treatments are used for termite infestations and also as termite protection.

Termite Tactics recommends and prefers to use Termidor due to its proven success in termite protection and termite control in Melbourne. Termite Tactics has been accredited in the application of Termidor by the manufacturers.

How a soil treatment is applied
Different types of termite barriers or soil treatments
Effective lifespan of a termite barrier or soil treatment
Cost of a termite treatment
A termiticide soil treatment has been applied to the soil around the external perimeter of the building

Termite traps, termite baits and termite monitoring systems

Termite traps and baits use areas of termite activity to gain control of termite colonies that are infesting a building. Bait is added to termite traps, with the aim of the termites taking the bait back to the nest they originate from and potentially killing that colony.

Termite traps can also be used as a monitoring system to detect termites as they travel through the soil. They are checked on a regular basis and if termites are found, termite bait can be added.

Baiting termites in a house
Termite traps for regular monitoring in the yard
Bait box containing termite bait where termites are infesting a skirting board

Nest treatments for termites in trees, sleeper retaining walls or other structures

Termites often nest in trees, tree stumps and sleeper retaining walls. Signs of a termite nest in a tree or stump include termite mud on the trunk and swarms of termites that fly out of the tree or stump in warmer weather. A nest will have a hollow void within the tree that often resembles honeycomb and a high temperature reading when tested with a temperature probe. If a termite nest is found, it can be treated easily and quickly.

Our detailed knowledge of termite behaviour is a key factor when we conduct nest searches.

You can see a video of termites swarming out of a tree stump on our You Tube channel.

Termite nests in trees, stumps and sleeper retaining walls
Termite Nest Searches

Cavity within a tree stump created by a termite nest