Recommendations for Termite Tactics Pest Control
Termite Inspections & Treatments

Our clients are happy to recommend our termite control services, from termite inspections to termite treatments.

Since 2013 Bryce at Termite Tactics has been providing all services to our property for termite, rodent and insect control. Living beside a large reserve means ongoing monitoring and control actions are important because you know 'they' are all around you all the time.

What a difference it makes having true professionals taking care of everything. Bryce and Vicki are excellent at reminding you when actions are scheduled and prompt at providing the services.
Costs for using Termite Tactics services are more than competitive when considering the quality of services, added expert advice and follow-up reporting after each visit. In addition, Bryce is always happy to provide guidance about preventing future damage to property or safety.

I find I don't have to worry about this topic like I used to, knowing there is a qualified person to call that will be around shortly to access the issue and provide a workable solution.

Joe, Mount Evelyn

Bryce offers a prompt, thorough and professional service and he takes the time to explain the process involved as well as give as much information as possible on options available and the products utilised, ensuring you understand what is involved prior to signing any contract.

We also found him extremely competitive with this quotes and costs.

We recommend Termite Tactics to any person who has either a one-off problem with termites or an on-going problem.

Steve and Sue, Healesville

We just wanted to say a sincere thank you to you for all of the time and advice that you gave us regarding our termite problem. You were the only one who was professional and genuine enough to find our little enemies! That is a huge credit to you as a person and your business. We will definitely be recommending you to others.

Once again, thank you, without your help, God knows what mess we would be in, in a couple of years.

Rachel, Belgrave

This is a sincere letter of thanks and gratitude for your expertise in ridding our home of those dreaded termites as we know what a challenge it was with the several nests we had.

As you are aware we had tried another pest control company without success, and at first we were dubious as to the use of baiting, but now we tell everybody we know about its mighty impact and we are very sure you will be inundated with calls in the near future.

In praising baiting to the fullest extent we also want to say that you are a very courteous, competent and professional man who knows exactly what he is doing with the minimum of fuss, cleanliness and gets the job done to everyone's satisfaction.

We cannot thank you enough and we would be very happy to speak to any of your new clients if they are in doubt as to your expertise and very professional manner and most importantly - RESULTS!

With regards to you from two very satisfied customers,
Sandra and Charles, Healesville

We have pleasure in providing this testimonial for Bryce Fraser of Termite Tactics.

We first met Bryce last November when we noticed some suspicious activity around our timber window sills. He attended the next day and commenced his investigations both inside and around our grounds, including the neighbours' yards, seeking a nest. Bryce confirmed that we did in fact have a termite infestation and proceeded to explain the options for our particular situation. We were very shocked to find we had termites and unprepared for the bad news and the unexpected cost as we had just taken possession of our home.

Bryce realised this and explained at length the problem we were dealing with and worked out a way we could commence immediate treatment for the termites. Bryce arrived the next day, a Saturday, and worked all afternoon to install bait stations both indoors and 15 stations outdoors. He also established a maintenance plan to monitor the stations on a regular basis. At first he returned every two weeks, then the next few times was at 3 week intervals.

In between visits he would phone to warn us to expect a flight of termites due to the time of year and weather conditions. Sure enough, half an hour after his call, this happened. We appreciated his call as otherwise we would have been totally unprepared and upset by this event.

We had a very good response to the baits and Bryce was confident to then reduce his visits to 6 weekly, then 2 monthly. These inspections will continue for a 12 month period to ensure the termites have been eradicated.

At all times Bryce has been punctual, clean in his work and reliable. He keeps in regular contact by providing immediate feedback by phone after an inspection and later provides a written report. We have spoken to friends and work colleagues who have termite problems and they have difficulty in finding reliable, honest and experienced companies specialising in termite eradication.

We have no hesitation in making referrals to Bryce as he provides a professional service with integrity and is a conscientious, trustworthy operator who provides accurate and straightforward advice.

Frank and Vicki, Avonsleigh

I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient treatment of my termite problem.

The thorough and professional way you explained the procedure to me was re-assuring. As an older person, I appreciated being treated with respect and consideration.

I had every confidence that the treatment was properly and safely dealt with.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Joan, Montrose