Black Ants
Treatment & Control

Black ants are one of the most annoying household pests, however you can get rid of ants with just one phone call to Termite Tactics Pest Control Melbourne.

Ants enter houses through small cracks in search of food. They prefer sweet, sugary foods but will also eat meat. Black ants are approximately 2.5mm - 3.5mm long and are a shiny black colour. Their nests are often located outdoors, however black ants are also known to nest indoors in areas such as roof or wall cavities or behind cupboards.

Our ant treatments are quick and easy, usually taking one hour and are safe for your family and pets. If a nest can be located, it will be treated directly. Alternatively, ant baits will be used in areas of ant activity. An external perimeter treatment may also be used. You will see ant activity decrease shortly after the treatment, however it may take up to 3 weeks for activity to cease.

It is important to ensure that crumbs and food particles are cleaned up and not left to attract ants. Regular ant treatments and good hygiene measures will help keep ants out of your home.

Get rid of the ants in your home now, call Termite Tactics Pest Control Melbourne on (03) 9735 1125.

Black ants being treated by Termite Tactics in Melbourne