Bees and Wasps
Treatment & Control

Bees and wasps can be dangerous and you should never attempt to remove bees or treat or remove a wasps nest yourself. Specialised protective equipment is essential when dealing with wasps and bees.

Wasps can be identified by their black and yellow markings. Their nests are papery in appearance and are often found in the ground or around the eaves of buildings. Wasps nests are also frequently found inside walls and roof cavities.

We can remove bees or treat your wasp nest quickly and easily, and wasp activity will be greatly reduced within 24 hours. After 7 days, you should not have any wasps remaining. We guarantee to eradicate the nest, so if you still have wasps in the treated nest after 7 days, we will return and re-treat it at no charge.

Remove bees or get rid of the wasps nest on your property now, call Termite Tactics Pest Control Melbourne on (03) 9735 1125.